JMSI Environmental Corp provides numerous environmental and regulatory compliance services to a diverse range of clients. Listed below is a list of services which may be of interest to you. If you have any questions relative to these services submit it to us by email on the Ask Us a Question page.

Indoor Air Quality

JMSI has been completing Indoor Air Quality Studies in numerous types of facilities for over 20 years. JMSI uses state of the art equipment to evaluate the indoor air quality. JMSI responds to requests for IAQ Studies within 24 hours for most clients. JMSI uses only AIHA accredited laboratories for sample analysis. JMSI provides report documentation that is understandable to everyone. JMSI can sample for nearly any airborne contaminant including mold, dust, pollen, pcbs, radon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, vocs and many more.

Mold Testing and Remediation

JMSI has been providing testing and remediation services for mold in numerous types of facilities for over 20 years. JMSI can identify and remediate mold contamination in schools, housing complexes and single family residential properties. JMSI is the leading mold remediation contractor in the Wyoming Valley Area. JMSI has the knowledge and experience to professionally remediate all types of mold contamination problems from common attic mold caused by inadequate ventilation to entire interior demolition when necessary.

Asbestos Inspections, Consulting and Testing

JMSI has been providing asbestos related consulting and testing services to numerous types of facilities for the past 20 years. JMSI employs a full staff of asbestos professionals capable of providing any type of asbestos service, from building inspections to asbestos abatement project management. We specialize in AHERA Compliance Programs for Pennsylvania Schools. We are currently contracted by nearly 80 school districts in Pennsylvania to provide full AHERA Compliance Programs. JMSI can complete pre-renovation or pre-demolition NESHAPS inspections.

Lead Based Paint Inspections and Risk Assessments

JMSI has been providing lead based paint inspections, risk assessments and general consulting relative to lead and lead based paint for the past 10 years to numerous types of clients. JMSI uses the most up to date XRF technology to identify lead based paints on nearly any substrate. JMSI can identify lead based paints in a 10 story residential housing facility or on a n antique requiring refinishing. JMSI is contracted by over 50 housing and redevelopment authorities as well as numerous school districts in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Right-to-Know/MSDS & Haz-Comm Compliance Programs On-line MSDS Access

JMSI has been providing Right-to-Know/MSDS Compliance Programs for public sector employers in Pennsylvania for nearly 20 years and in fact this is the service that we built our firm on. JMSI is currently contracted by nearly 100 school districts in Pennsylvania. Private sector employers can also benefit from JMSI’s experience in Hazard Communication Standard Programs. Manufacturing, Automotive and Construction Industries turn to JMSI for compliance solutions and programs. Only JMSI gives you access to over 3000 current MSDS at the click of your mouse.

JMSI can complete numerous other related services not outlined on this page, feel free to contact us with any questions. Our answers are always free.

Not sure if JMSI can provide the services you require, just contact us and if we can’t help you we will refer you someone who can.